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Yellow All Purpose Microfiber Towels 3 Pack

Yellow All Purpose Microfiber Towels 3 Pack
Cheaper by the dozen ( or half dozen!).

Pick up All Purpose Microfiber Towels in all the available colors to color-code your detailing towels for different detailing jobs! This will prevent cross-contamination and give you a huge supply of quality microfiber!

Iíve devised a system for sorting my detailing towels in order to prevent cross contamination. I color-code them. Drying towels are mint green, buffing towels are blue, and now my All Purpose Towels are yellow. This way, I donít use wheel towels on the paint and I donít use wax removal towels to dry. Let me pass my system on to you with these All Purpose Yellow Microfiber Towels.

A word about microfiber: for as long as itís been in existence, the best microfiber has come from Korea because a handful of companies there have the machine necessary to split the individual fibers. However, we found that Chinese manufacturers have made substantial progress and towels of comparable quality are being made there. The All Purpose Towels are made entirely in China and weíre very pleased with their quality. Not only do they share Cobraís distinctive split-weave, they are just as safe on the surfaces of your vehicle. The durability of the Korean-made towels is unmatched, but Iíve found at least a dozen uses for my All Purpose Towels.

These All Purpose Towels are an essential part of my microfiber collection. They are the towels I reach for when I need to dry my wheels after cleaning or wipe down my door jambs. I like to use microfiber for every detailing job on account of its cleaning ability, but some, like the Miracle Towel, are better suited for buffing the paint and glass. Thatís where the All Purpose towels come in. They give me the amazing cleaning properties of microfiber and I can save my buffing towels for paint care.

All Purpose Towels are superior to terry cloth in softness, durability, and absorbency. These are safe on any surface. We sell these towels in bulk so you always have plenty on hand.

Reserve your Miracle Towels for buffing Ė the All Purpose Towels will do the rest. All Purpose Microfiber Towels give you all the benefits of microfiber at a special bulk price that makes them an essential addition to your towel collection.

16Ē x 16Ē

3 pack

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Yellow All Purpose Microfiber Towels 3 Pack
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