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Circular polishers, also known as rotary polishers, are excellent for severe oxidation removal and scratch removal on gel coat boats and RVs, in addition to auto paint correction. The circular rotation of the pad enables the polisher to level imperfections and restore paint or gel coat to its original condition.

Circular polishers are preferred over dual action polishers for paint correction and restoration. A consistent circular motion will wear down the edges of deep scratches more effectively than a dual-action polisher, but there is also a greater risk of burning the paint. With a circular polisher, a skilled user will be able to minimize the risk while still achieving a perfectly smooth finish.

Read about our orbital polishers and accessories below to select the combination of products that will work best for your boat, RV, or vehicle. If you are not sure of your skill level, or are new to mechanical polishing, check out our selection of dual-action polishers.