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Hook And Loop Backing Plates

Support your cutting, polishing or finishing pad with the highest-quality backing plates available.

Here youíll find a selection of hook and loop backing plates to fit either your dual-action, orbital and circular polisher. All are built for heavy-duty use whether in a body shop or in your personal garage. Industrial strength hook and loop covers the face of each backing plate, grasping the pad securely during use. They will not slip or slip or slide out of place regardless how aggressively you use it. Your backing plate will last literally years, even with dedicated usage.

We offer a range of sizes for both orbital dual actions and circulars high speek polishers so be sure to get the one (or more) thatís the appropriate size for your machine. Also, match the size of your pad and backing plate correctly, trying to use the wrong sizes together will disappoint you at best, really mess up your work at worst! Smaller plates and pads allow you to easily work tighter areas; the larger ones cover more surface area faster.

Unlike cheaper versions, these backing plates wonít transfer heat, hence no ventilation holes. Your pad will not get hot. The plate screws directly into your buffer, and the appropriate pad aligns with the circumference of the plate and locks itself into place with thousands of hooks-and-eyes.

For dual action buffers, we also offer an elite, German-style flexible backing plate(LC-43125) constructed of molded urethane made by Lake Country Mfg. We also offer other molded flexible backing plates(These come in the standard 3.5 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch sized plates ó but these are anything but standard! The best automotive companies abroad use just these. They hold the reputation of being the best of the best. The urethane is a superior material yet, the plate itself is reinforced in the center with steel supports. Edges of the plate are beveled for your carís safety and for easy removal of the pads.

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