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Porter Cable 7424 XP Dual Action Orbital Polisher & Accessories

Porter Cable 7424 XP & Accessories

The Porter Cable 7424 XP is our most popular polisher! Boat and RV owners will find the Porter Cable is easy to use and makes detailing large areas, like the hull of a boat or side of an RV, much faster and more effective.

Dual action polishers are excellent for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Dual action polishers are characterized by the motion of the head. It spins on a central spindle, and this spindle rotates around an eccentric offset. A good metaphor for a dual action polisher is the earth’s orbit. The earth itself spins and it also orbits around the sun. Dual action polishers are also called random orbital polishers for this reason.

A dual-action polisher like the Porter Cable 7424 XP enhances the performance of many rubbing compounds and swirl removers by providing at least twice the rubbing action than you can by hand. These polishers attack scratches from all sides without the user doing extra work. This multidirectional motion also enhances the results of buffing bonnets by moving in a faster and more consistent motion than you could by hand. You get results faster with the Porter Cable 7424 XP.

Put the Porter Cable 7424 XP to work for you. Choose from our wide variety of pads, kits, bonnets, and accessories to give your vehicle, boat, or RV a great finish in less time.

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