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Long-throw Dual-action Polishers

Long-throw DA (dual-action) polishers were created to allow the user to cover much more surface area in a shorter amount of time. These polishers have a much larger “throw” than a standard dual-action polisher. The “throw” refers to how far out the polisher oscillates away from the center most point of the total working area. The further out the pad oscillates, the more area you are able to cover at any given time. This means that long-throw DAs will be able to cover the entirety of your hull much more quickly, which is a huge benefit if you have an exceptionally large boat.

Long-throw DAs also tend to pack a pretty moderate punch when it comes to correction potential. These machines are often developed with a more powerful motor that a traditional dual-action polisher. So, not only will you be able to cover more surface area more quickly, but you will also find yourself having to buff the same spot much less frequently.

Because Long-throw DAs have a wider “wing-span” keeping them perfectly flat is much more crucial. If the pad is tilted too much, it will create too much friction on the pad surface and it will cause the machine to “stall-out” (stop spinning and oscillating). Making sure to keep the pad flat and balanced will take a little getting used to and may take a bit more experience than a traditional dual-action.