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When it comes to gel-coat restoration, the only way to really get the job done is to level the surface with abrasion. This is mainly either done with sand-paper/sanding-disk or a combination of an abrasive gel and a buffing pad. This process would take the average person a week or more to do by hand considering how large boat hulls are.

This is why boat restorers and detailers mainly use machine polishers for their gel-coat restoration projects. These machines are not only capable of generating much more power than the human hand but also provide more consistent results! Not to mention you will be saving yourself from hours upon hours of creating small circular motions with your hands alone!

There are 3 major categories of machine polishers:
Rotary: High-powered, single-action rotational polishers.
Dual-action: Low-powered, dual-action orbital polishers.
Long-throw DAs: Medium-powered, dual-action orbital polishers with a larger working area.

Which type of polisher you need is dependent on your skill level, your preferences, and the types of work you are doing. More information on each individual category of polisher can be found on the respective pages below.