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Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class - February 10th & 11th, 2018

If you plan to detail for money, this class is a must!

Learn the ins and outs of boat detailing from world-renowned detailing expert Mike Phillips! The Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class covers all the major aspects of boat care and detailing including proper washing, boat oxidation removal, wet sanding to remove scuff marks and scratches from gel coat, canvas cleaning and protecting, mildew removal from vinyl seats, and much, much more! The Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class will give you the experience and knowledge to detail boats like a professional!


In addition to 2 full days* of hands-on training, you will receive:

Boat detailing – where do I start?! Surely you’ve asked yourself that question, or else you wouldn’t be researching and reading about the best boat detailing classes in the first place. We have an answer for that question, and it’s the Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class. If you plan to detail boats for profit, then this class is a MUST.

Mike Phillips provides an in-depth look along with thorough instructions on how to properly machine sand a boat, remove sanding marks and oxidation with a high speed rotary polisher, machine-apply a wax using a dual action polisher, and more!

The class size will be limited to give everyone an opportunity to ask questions and practice the techniques. The class will be held in the fully equipped Autogeek Show Car Garage located at our headquarters in Stuart, Florida.

Learn how to detail your boat like a PRO with Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class!When:

This year, we'll be offering a TWO DAY Boat Detailing Class! You have the option of attending just Saturday, just Sunday, or both days!


Saturday, February 10th - 7:00am to 5:00pm - Just the Saturday class includes hand and machine wetsanding, rotary buffers, orbital polishers and ceramic coatings. To attend just the Saturday class, the cost is $495.00 per person.

Sunday, February 11th - 7:00am to 5:00pm - Just the Saturday class includes cleaning and detailing non-skid surfaces, top cap, vinyl, Eisenglass, electronics, metal polishing, acrylic and Plexiglas, canvas enclosures, mold removal and mitigation. To attend just the Sunday class, the cost is $395.00 per person.

If you would like to attend both Saturday AND Sunday, the cost is $725.00 - You save 20%!
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Marine 31 Headquarters
7744 SW Jack James Drive
Stuart, FL 34997

What to bring:

Bring a pen and paper to take notes if you like. All chemicals and tools will be provided.

About the instructor:

Mike Phillips has over 36 years of experience in the field of boat and auto detailing. Mike has over 250 articles to his credit, and operates Marine31Online.com, a discussion forum that’s all about boat care and detailing.

In 2013 Mike Phillips and Marine 31 teamed up with John Greviskis and the Ship Shape TV crew to offer in-depth segments on proper boat care and maintenance, including boat oxidation removal, boat vinyl cleaning and protecting, how to clean non-skid on boats, and boat metal polishing and protecting.

You may also recognize Mike Phillips from the TV show Competition Ready on Velocity, and other shows like Chasing Classic Cars with Wayne Carini, My Classic Car with Dennis Gage, Two Guys Garage, and Motorhead Garage, where he has made guest appearances demonstrating various tools and techniques for detailing.

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Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class


Here's what an alumnus of the Mike Phillips' Boat Detailing Class had to say about his experience:

"Calling all Fellow Boat Detailer's!
I wanted to share my experience & Benefits of taking the Marine 31 Boat Detailing Class, in February of this 2016.

I have been detailing for 13 years, and of that, the last 8 years specializing in Boats. Averaging 35-40 Boats a year, but was looking for a way to grow my business & increase production.

Taking this class was a real game changer for me, especially in the wet sanding/ buffing and get coat correction part of the class. I was humbled after the class to say the least.

All this time prior I had had been buffing out boats the wrong way, (only foam or only wool) no wet sanding. After seeing and experiencing the correct process in the class, I was more then ready to get home use the newly acquired skills from this class. Needless to say it has completely turned around how I detail a boat, I have tripled the amount of boats I was detailing a year (35-40 per year) to this year, I have completed 80 boats since March 1st, 2016, and am well on my way to my goal of 100 Boats this year.

The quality of my work has vastly improved and my customers have taken notice.

I owe all of this to Mike Phillips, who after meeting him at SEMA, encouraged me to take the Class. WOW and thank you is all I can say!

If you haven't taken the class yet, I would highly recommend it. Even if you are not detailing boats full time, TAKE THE CLASS, it is one of the Best Detailing Classes you will ever take."

Parker Richards
Loveland, Co


Christopher S.