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  • “Marine 31 Gel Coat Final Step Polish is the best marine finish polish I have used! I detailed a 17 foot Boston Whaler with light oxidation ... I used the Flex 3401 dual action polisher with the blue Lake Country Hybrid pads. With only two passes on my test spot I achieved a mirror finish. It does have plenty of rich in oils that penetrated deep into the gel coat as I was polishing. Wiping is super easy with the microfiber towel and I will definitely recommend the Marine 31 Gel Coat Final Step Polish to anybody who wants to save time and achieve a superior mirror look on their gel coat boat.”

    "Marine 31 Gel Coat Carnauba Wax + Sealant is a great choice if you want an extreme high-gloss look and extra durability. Super easy to apply and wipe off without much of a residue. ”

    Viktor T.
    Ocean City, MD

  • "I've been using Marine 31 boat care products since the line was introduced at Detail Fest. I detail boats on a regular basis so I appreciate the fact that each product is extremely easy to use, even in direct sunlight. My personal favorite has to be the All-In-One Gel Coat Polish & Wax. This product saves me so much time and effort while still giving great results. When customers ask how I made their boat so shiny, I proudly say Marine 31. ”

    Sean Y.
    Palm City, FL

  • “I'm a huge fan of Pinnacle and Detailer's Pro Series so when I heard PBMG was coming out with a line of products specifically developed for boats, I was all ears. I've used almost every product in the Marine 31 line and I can't say enough good things. The spray wax is awesome and the AIO Gel Coat Polish & Wax is among the best I've used. I'm anxious to try their metal polish as I've heard great things about it as well.

    Jeff S.
    Tacoma, WA

  • "I never thought polishing and waxing my boat could be easy until I tried Marine 31 products. I've always used the products at my local marina and was never happy with the results. A quick phone call to Marine31.com and I was set up with everything I needed to make my boat look new again. The salesperson I spoke to was very helpful and I didn't feel at any point that he was trying to upsell me. I ended up getting the Flex boat oxidation removal kit with the 3401 and I couldn't be happier. So long as I have a boat, Marine31.com will have my business. ”

    Andy P.
    Salt Lake City, UT

  • “I've been using 3M stuff for as long as I can remember and after seeing Marine 31 featured on Ship Shape TV, I was sold. John Greviskis only features the best products and processes on his show so when he had a segment on waxing a freshly painted t-top, I knew it had to be good stuff. Within 2 days my shipment arrived from the site and I couldn't be happier with the carnauba + sealant wax that the gentlemen on the phone recommended. This wax is easier to apply and remove than the show car wax that I use on my 65 GTO!”

    "Next month I plan on picking up the Cyclco Boat Oxidation Removal Kit and giving it a whirl. Just like John said on tv: Marine 31 - developed by boat people for boat people!”

    Providence, RI

  • "I couldn't remove the oxidation off my boat for the life of me. I tried every product imaginable and lost hope until I saw Marine 31 featured on Ship Shape television. The gel coat oxidation remover cleaned up the hull of my boat with ease. I was nervous at first because I was working out in the sun but John and Mike made a point on tv that Marine 31 products can be applied in the sun light. They were right! I was very pleased that the oxidation remover didn't dust or cake up. It was very easy to use and my boat shines like it never has! ”

    Bill M.
    Saint Augustine, FL

  • “Everyone down at my local marina was talking about Marine 31 products and I decided it was time to give them a try. I'm sure glad I did! I just picked up a beautiful Boston Whaler and it had some light oxidation. I called Marine31.com directly and spoke to a very nice operator that recommended a basic 2 step approach. I ended up getting the Gel Coat Final Step Polish and Gel Coat Carnauba Wax + Sealant. I was stunned at how the boat turned out. It shines like a show car! So far it has been 3 months and the wax is still holding up very well. I've been regularly washing the boat with Gel Coat Wash and Wax with Carnauba and that is hands down the best soap I ever tried. It smells so good I want to eat it!”


  • "I recently had my t-top replaced and was looking for a kit to clean and protect it. I saw the Marine 31 Fabric Cleaner & Protectant Kit and decided to give it a try. WOW! My top beads water like the paint on my car does (I use Detailer's Pro Series on it). Overall I'm very satisifed with the Marine 31 products that I've tried. The website is very easy to navigate and the how to guides are outstanding. The shipping was very quick - I ordered my package late on a Monday night and received it Wednesday! I've been shopping with Autogeek for years and I'm so glad to see a website that's all about boating. Way to go! ”

    Rick C.
    Tampa, FL


Christopher S.