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Cobra Tire Dressing Pad

Cobra Tire Dressing Pad
Apply your tire dressing the easy way!

Dressing your tires is like putting icing on the cake. Cobra, a name synonymous with quality, offers you a tool for applying the finishing touch to your tires. Dressing application is typically a messy job, especially if you don’t have the right applicator. The Cobra tire dressing applicator, good also for molded plastic, is designed for making your application easier than ever. It’s contoured to fit the hand, and priced to fit the budget. A finger groove encircles the circumference of a two-inch-thick pad of high quality poly foam—the best material for applying tire dressings. The closed-cell applicator disperses any kind of tire dressing evenly and consistently for a sensational result, but keeps your hands away from the mess.

Not sure which tire dressing to use? I’d recommend Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel or Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel. It’s easy to apply, gives an incredible, rich finish, and doesn’t sling off onto panels like many other products.

Tip: Set aside any applicators you use on your tires. Keep them designated for tire use only as they pose a risk to other surfaces of the car.

Cobra Tire Dressing Pad
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