Rotary Polishers

Rotary polishers (sometimes reffered as “Circular polishers) have been used in boat detailing almost as long as gel-coat has existed. Rotary polishers are capable of removing even heavy oxidation and severe scratches extremely quickly thanks to the high-power rotation speed with which they are designed. When this consistent high-powered rotation is combined with a wool or foam buffing pad, you will be able to level paint or gel-coat quickly and effectively. However, with this power and correction potential, rotary polishers also carry with them a high risk-factor as well. Because these polishers are capable of level paint quickly, if they are used on any particular spot for too long, they will quickly burn away all the gel-coat or paint in that spot, “causing a burn-though". In addition to this, these polishers can sometimes be too powerful for inexperienced users and will over-power them. If you are unable to control it, it will often carry itself along the surface while you are working, making it even more risky. Despite rotary polishers being a bit too powerful for the novice user, when in the hands of a professional, there is no quicker way to bring a boat back to brag-worthy shine!