Foam / Wool Pads & Accessories for Rotary/Circular

Circular/rotary polishers can be used with larger foam and wool pads to cover a wider path as you polish. Our pads fit the Makita 9227C and DeWalt 849 Variable Speed Polisher, Craftsman Professional Sander/Polisher model #11506, Vector WaxxPro Circular Polisher VEC-236, and Coleman Powermate 7 inch Sander/Polisher PMB7284. Choose between Lake Country 7.5 inch and 8.5 inch hook & loop pads. If you're using a 6 inch hook & loop rotary backing plate, use the 7.5 inch pads to provide a generous lip of foam around the perimeter of the backing plate. This lip will protect your boat or RV by providing a buffer zone between the plate and the surface. Likewise, use the 8.5 foam pads on a 7 inch backing plate. Our Advanced Curved Edge kits are a smart way to buy foam pads at a substantial savings. If you prefer wool pads, Marine 31 Boat Care offers two types of 8.5 inch Lake Country wool pads: cutting and polishing. Use them with a 7 inch rotary hook & loop backing plate on your professional rotary polisher. The Edge 2000 8 inch pads adapt to any circular polisher by way of a drive adapter. The Edge 8 inch pads are also available in the Wave variety for increased ventilation. We also stock the Meguiars 8 inch Soft Buff foam pads to be used with a Meguiars rotary backing plate. For spot polishing, choose from Spot Buffs 4 inch pads or Lake Country 4 inch Low Profile Pads. Both attach directly to your circular polisher using the 2 ¾ inch backing plate or the 3 ¾ inch backing plate.

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