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The One Thing You MUST Do Before Storing Your Boat!

If you are like most boat owners, the cold weather that is coming (or that has come already!) will prohibit you from taking your boat out on the water for a few months. We are sure you are in the process of packing up your water gear, throwing the cover over your boat, and putting it into storage for until Spring returns.

BUT WAIT! There is one more consideration before you resign your boat to the marina for its annual hibernation.

As we are sure you have noticed over the time you’ve owned your boat, mildew is a major problem. It will crop up almost over night and it is quite a pain in the kiester to remove. While our Mildew Remover does make quick work of eliminating it, (just look at this picture for proof)

wouldn’t it be far better to never have to deal with it at all?

Before we tell you the one thing you must do before putting your boat away, we have to go over what mildew is.

When many people talk about mildew, they are actually talking about mold. The two are closely related, save their color. Mildew is mostly white while mold has a variety of different colors. However, despite what you call it, it is essentially a form of fungal growth. Like most funguses, mildew and mold like to grow in damp places. This is because it thrives on moisture, whether it be in the air or on the surface of your boat, the mildew will find the moisture and start growing.

When you put a cover over your boat or keep the boat indoors for an extended period of time, you are trapping any ambient moisture, causing it to linger longer than it would otherwise. This means that there is even more moisture in the air than there would be if the moisture was allowed to air out adequately. But an abundance of moisture alone won’t necessarily lead to mildew/mold growth.

In addition to moisture, mold and mildew need a surface to grow on and a food source. The surface they like to grow on the most is the vinyl seating of your boat. This is because it actually serves as a food source for it as well.

Okay, so now that you know what mildew is and how it grows, we will give you the secret to preventing it entirely!

Mildew Guard!

Our Marine 31 Mildew Guard acts as a durable barrier on your vinyl. This barrier blocks the bold and mildew from being able to actually get in contact with your vinyl. If it can’t get to the vinyl, it cannot feed on it. Now, one thing to note, if you give mildew an inch, it will take a mile. You need to make sure you adequately coat every inch of your vinyl surfaces to make sure mildew and mold never get a foot hold! Once you have covered your vinyl with Mildew Guard, you can put it away for storage and rest easy, knowing that you won’t be greeted by a thick layer of unsightly mold!


Christopher S.