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Marine 31 How to Protect your Boat's Interior Informational

Congratulations! You have a boat!

You are one of the few lucky enough to enjoy the open seas at your own disposal. Since you are one of the fortunate ones, let us help you keep the boat in its most pristine condition! Or perhaps you have been a little less than lackluster when it comes to taking care of your favorite vessel… Maybe you let your boat sit a little too long in the backyard or haven’t visited it in the harbor in a while. No matter the reasoning for wanting to keep your boat clean, it’s important to remember that the interior needs just as much attention as the exterior. After all, unless you decide to take a dip in the water, you’re going to be spending most of the time on/in your boat.

So, let us help you! Here are the best Marine 31 products to keep your interior looking fresh!

Marine 31 Port to Starboard APC

Marine 31 Port to Starboard All Purpose Cleaner

This boat has been sitting in a backyard for just over a year. What’s great about the Marine 31 Port to Starboard All Purpose Cleaner is just that, it’s good for all purposes! This biodegradable marine cleaner rids your boat of dirt, grime, black streaks, common stains and even mildew. When diluted properly, it can be a miracle worker on vinyl, carpet and upholstery. The best dilution ratio for carpet and upholstery is 1:10 (cleaner:water). This product is also useful on rubber, fiberglass, inflatable boats, sailboat dodgers, boat covers and even decks.

Marine 31 Port to Starboard APC 2

Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner

Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner

Another eco-friendly product, the Marine 31 Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner is a more concentrated formula that seamlessly removes ground-in dirt, soiling, staining and light mildew fabric and vinyl surfaces. Non-toxic and biodegradable, this cleaner is safe to use on bimini tops, marine cushions, inflatable boats, seats, boat covers, sail covers and even deck awnings. It even protects against UV rays that are constantly attacking your surfaces. This product works gently but acts tough! This means you can use it as often as you’d like, in fact, it’s recommended you practice routine maintenance.

Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner 2

Marine 31 Vinyl Protectant

Marine 31 Vinyl Protectant with Sunblock

Similar to the Marine 31 T-Top Fabric Protectant with Sunblock, Marine 31 Vinyl Protectant provides top of the line UV protection for all interior and exterior vinyl surfaces. This could be anything from bimini tops to seat cushions. Infused with UV absorbers and UV blockers, Marine 31 Vinyl Protectant with Sunblock will retain your surfaces color and texture, while repelling dirt, dust, body oils and grease. Environmentally safe, this product is made without the use of silicones and in-turn, no surface is left slippery or sticky. For optimal results, regularly apply Marine 31 Vinyl Protectant with Sunblock to keep your vinyl surfaces looking like new.

Marine 31 Vinyl Protectant 2

Marine 31 T-Top Fabric Protectant with Sunblock

Protect that t-top with Marine 31 T-Top Fabric Protectant with Sunblock. With the Marine 31- T-Top Fabric Protectant you get intense protection on your treated surfaces, so much so that they will retain their color and texture, while still repelling dirt, dust, oil, grease, acid rain, insects and bird droppings. Your t-top is designed to provide shelter and shade from the sun and other outside elements. Just like you, the t-top fabric needs sunblock so it can protect you. When you use this product, your t-top will be protected and less likely to need to be replaced due to premature wear. As well as this product works on t-tops, it also works on all exterior and interior fabrics. It is free of silicones, freon and hazardous CFC’s.

  1. Clean surface with Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner.
  2. Once clean and dry, ensure surface is cool to the touch.
  3. Shake well. Hold can 18-24 inches away from the surface and spray a light mist in a sweeping motion.
  4. Wait 10-15 minutes before applying additional coats.
  5. Older tops may require 3-4 coats for maximum protection.
  6. If overspray occurs, immediately remove with a soft microfiber towel.

Marine 31 Mildew Guard

Marine 31 Mildew Guard protects against mold and mildew stains!
Spray and wipe - it's that easy!
Mildew and mold are common plagues that affects boats and create frustration in the boater’s life. Marine 31 Mildew Guard is the answer to these two defects as it is a high-tech vinyl sealant that forms a clear coating that protects against a variety of environmental hazards. Almost always, your vinyl is in direct spotlight of all environmental effects, so it is important that you keep it protected. Marine 31 protects against UV rays, body oils, salt and of course, mildew and mold.

Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner

This two in one product, Marine 31 Vinyl Cleaner and Conditioner promises to protect marine vinyl surfaces in one step. This cleaner not only removes ground-in contaminants, but also has special UV inhibitors that protect against harmful UV rays to prevent cracking and fading. This product is water-based, so not only is it safe, but it also won’t leave your surfaces sticky or greasy.

So, what are you waiting for? For those of you in winterless areas, there’s no excuse not to try these curated interior products! For those of you still singing the winter blues, there is no harm in stocking up in anticipating of those spring days ahead on the boat! Check out the products used in the informational below!


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