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Rotary / Circular Flexible Backing Plate by Lake Country

Manufactured by Lake Country just for rotary / circular polishers.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz of Germany both use these Rotary Flexible Backing Plates by Lake Country to buff the paint before the vehicles leave the factory. Both companies hail these backing plates as the best because of the outstanding properties of molded urethane. These Rotary / Circular Flexible Backing Plates minimize heat transfer, flexes to hug your boat’s curves, and are built to last. And they are the best backing plates you can buy for rotary (circular) polishers.

All of our Flexible Circular Backing Plates offer these outstanding features:Circular Backing Plates by Lake Country

  • VELCRO® brand hook & loop fasteners molded into the urethane to prevent separation while polishing
  • Polyurethane construction to dampen vibration and reduce the transfer of heat from the polisher to the paint
  • The core of the plate is reinforced with steel struts to maintain balance and apply even pressure to the pad
  • The steel plated, threaded insert fits any circular polisher with a 5/8 inch diameter shaft, like the Makita 9227C or DeWalt.
  • The beveled edge prevents contact between the plate and the paint surface when the polisher is tilted.

    LC-76-093 2 ¾ inch Hook & Loop Rotary Backing Plate
    The 2 ¾ inch backing plate screws directly onto any circular polisher with a 5/8 inch diameter shaft. The plate is made of molded plastic with a layer of flexible urethane between the plastic and the hook & loop material to absorb heat and vibration. Use Spot Buffs 4 inch pads, Lake Country 4 inch pads, or Cyclo 4 inch pads with this backing plate.

    LC-43-125WH Rotary 4 ¾ inch Flexible Backing Plate
    The 4 ¾ inch backing plate allows you to use Lake Country 6.5 inch pads, Low Profile 5.5 inch pads or our 6 inch lambswool pad with your circular polisher. The size of the plate provides an ample buffer of foam between the edge of the plate and the edge of the foam to prevent contact between the plate and the paint, even when the polisher is slightly tilted. Because the 6.5 inch pads do not have the raised foam lip like the 7.5 inch and 8.5 inch pads, this backing plate has its own raised lip of flexible urethane to act as a protective shield between the hard plastic center of the plate and the paint surface.

    LC-43-150 6 Inch Rotary Flexible Backing Plate
    Use this backing plate with the Lake Country 7.5 inch pads. These pads have a raised edge that creates a recess in the middle of the pad. The 6 inch backing plate fits perfectly into this recess so the pad and plate are always aligned correctly. The recessed edge of the plate prevents contact between the plate and the paint surface, even if you are working with the edge of the pad.

    LC-43-175 7 Inch Rotary Flexible Backing Plate
    Use the 7 inch backing plate with Lake Country 8.5 inch pads. Again, the 7 inch plate fits perfectly into the recess created by the raised edge of the pad. Though this plate is quite large, it maintains balance with a larger, reinforced center hub.

    LC-43-095 3 ¾ inch Rotary Backing Plate
    Use this backing plate with 4 or 5 inch pads. It has the same durable construction as the larger rotary plates with a soft urethane lip around the edge.

    Manufactured by Lake Country


    Christopher S.