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Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray 128 oz.

Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray 128 oz.



Makes sure your coating starts with a clean slate!

Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray is a crucial product to use on your gel coat before you apply a ceramic coating like the Marine 31 Captainís Boat Coating! Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray will work on a molecular level to strip the surface of your gel coat of any oils, films, waxes, or sticky residue to ensure that the surface is primed for the application of a coating. All it takes to apply Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray is to just simply spray it on the surface and wipe it off. When you are working on a large hull, a process as easy as that is not just a convenience, itís a necessity!

Ceramic based coatings like the Marine 31 Captainís boat coating is a great way to make sure that your hull and other gel coated surfaces are protected from the elements that would case them to dull or oxidize. However, coatings such as this, while extremely effective, are quite picky about the surface to which they are applied. In order for the coating to bond properly and provide the utmost layer of durable, long-lasting protection, it needs to be applied to completely clean slate. That can be difficult to accomplish considering the slew of troublesome substances with which most bodies of water are filled! Luckily though, Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray gives you the ideal product to strip the surface before you coat it!

There are many substances that will prevent Marine 31 Captainís Boat Coating from adhering to the surface. Things like oils, filmy contamination, waxes, and sticky residue will all remain on the surface even after you wash your boat. But, Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray is capable of quickly and effectively removing these substances. This is because Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray is formulated with specialized cleaners that work on a molecular level to break the strong bond the tougher contamination has with your gelcoat. Once that bond is broken, removing them from the surface becomes as easy as wiping them off like dust!

Boatís come in many different shapes and sizes, but when you are working on the entire hull, every boat is gigantic! Working across that much surface area is exhausting, so you want to make sure that the process itself is a simple as possible. With Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray, the process is as simple as it can possible be! All that it takes to use Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray is to simply spray it directly onto the surface and immediately wipe it off! You canít hope for much better than that when working on a 20+ foot boat!

Directions for Use:
Do not use in direct sunlight.
Apply only to cool surfaces.
Working panel by panel, spray Gel Coat Prep Spray directly to the surface and wipe away using a clean and soft microfiber towel.
Continue around vessel until each surface is prepped.

128 oz.


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