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Double-Sided Pad Rotary Adapter

Double-Sided Pad Rotary Adapter
Use Double Sided Pads with your rotary polisher!

The Double-Sided Pad Rotary Adapter allows you to use double-sided pads with your rotary or circular polisher. The heavy duty adapter attaches at the center of the pad to keep it perfectly balanced during operation. A balanced pad vibrates less and leaves a more uniform finish. It all starts with the Double-Sided Pad Rotary Adapter.

The Double-sided Pad Rotary Adapter has a 5/8 -11 internal thread which screws onto a rotary polisher. On the other end of the adapter is a short 5/8-11 external thread that attaches to the Double Sided Pad. The central position of the adapter eliminates wobbling and maintains perfect balance.

The Double-sided Pad Rotary Adapter works with Double Sided Pads. The Double-sided Pad Rotary Adapter is safe on your vehicle. Because it's in the center of the pad, there's no possibility of the adapter touching the paint. It's surrounded on all sides by the pad.

The Double-sided Pad Rotary Adapter works with Double Sided Pads.

To experience the convenience of double-sided pads, get the Double-sided Pad Rotary Adapter.

Double-Sided Pad Rotary Adapter
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