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The Cyclo Polisher is the world's premier orbital polisher for one reason: it's the only polisher with patented dual orbital heads! The versatile Cyclo Orbital Polisher is used for detailing boats, RVs, aircraft, and vehicles. The two heads of the Cyclo Polisher move in an overlapping, circular motion that mimics hand buffing. Both heads spin counter-clockwise and produce an overlapping effect. The design eliminates the problem of overheating so their virtually no risk of gouges, burns, or swirls. In addition, the Cyclo Polisher is perfectly balanced for a perfect polish every time. Use the Cyclo to polish large areas, like boats and RVs, with greater speed and coverage than hand polishing. The Cyclo Polisher received the patent on their design in 1953 and quickly became the U.S. government's choice for polishing military aircraft and missiles. Some 50-year-old Cyclos are still in use today! Not only are they built to last indefinitely, people see no need to replace them. For polishing, compounding, sanding, stripping, scrubbing, and buffing, there's only one Cyclo Polisher! To learn more about this innovative machine, click on Cyclo Polisher below.

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