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Montana Original 10 inch Boar’s Hair Car Wash Brush & Telescopic Handle

Montana Original 10 inch Boar’s Hair Car Wash Brush & Telescopic Handle



Extend your reach with this telescoping handle. There’s no better way to clean large boats and RVs!

The Montana Original 10 inch Boar’s Hair Wash Brush is pure luxury! It gently massages the paint surface to release dirt and grime while protecting the paint with all the slippery suds it holds within its bristles. From luxury sedans to sporty coupes, any vehicle can benefit from the soft touch of boar’s hair.

Now you can take your Montana Original 10 inch Boar’s Hair Brush to new heights with the Telescopic Handle! This 26 inch handle telescopes to 45 inches (that’s almost 4 feet!) so you can reach the tops of trucks and SUVs with ease. Wash the middle of the windshield on your F350 or the roof of your H2. The handle makes it possible!

The Montana Original 10 inch Boar’s Hair Brush & Telescopic Handle is designed for your convenience and your vehicle’s protection. The brush head is 10” wide (2 inches narrower than our a la carte brush) in order to fit into any standard wash bucket with a 10 inch diameter. The brush fits perfectly into our Autogeek Complete Wash System with Dolly.

Plus, this Boar’s Hair Brush is outlined with a rubber strip to protect the paint surface from accidental impact.

The telescopic handle is made of indestructible aluminum with a plastic grip and threaded insert. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, even when reaching areas over your head. When you work your way down to more accessible panels, simply unscrew the handle from the brush head.

Our Montana Original 10 inch Boar’s Hair Wash Brush is packed with four hundred hairs per bundle. Boar’s hair is naturally fathered at the ends but our bristles are flagged (split) one more time before being affixed to the heavy duty plastic handle. The tight bundles of hair ensure that the bristles remain sturdy as they gently whisk away dirt and grime from your vehicle. This brush is 100% genuine boar’s hair!

Use the Montana Original 10 inch Boar’s Hair Brush & Telescopic Handle to wash RVs and boats, too. The soft boar’s hair bristles are just as gentle on fiberglass and gel coats.

If you’re going to use our finest wash tool, you might as well use our best shampoo! Dilute 1-2 ounces of Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo in a five gallon bucket for excellent lubrication and suds. For the best results, fill a second bucket with clean water and rinse the brush before reloading it with soap. This technique prevents recontamination of the vehicle.

The Montana Original 10 inch Boars Hair Wash Brush & Telescopic Handle can’t be beat when it comes to gentle, luxurious cleansing of your large vehicle. The 10 inch brush and extendable handle bring a clean, shiny finish within your reach.

Handle is 26 inches. Telescopes to 45 inches.
Brush is 10 inches wide with 4 inch bristles.
Purchase separately or as a combo.

Boar's Hair 10 inch Wash Brush with Handle Boar's Hair 10 Inch Wash Brush helps you wash hard-to-reach areas.

Made in U.S.A.

Detailing Tip: Soak your boar's hair wash brush in soapy water for a few minutes before use to make the hairs even softer and more pliable!


Christopher S.