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Marine 31 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Pad 7.5 in

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Item Description

A professional grade wool pad for your Buff and Shine 6-Inch Rotary Backing Plate!

Marine 31's Twisted Wool Cutting Pad is available in a 7.5 inch diameter, perfect for a Buff and Shine 6-Inch Rotary Backing Plate. This pad will restore dull, oxidized finishes with your rotary polisher. This is an ideal pad for detailers who prefer a smaller pad size and are experienced with using a wool pad.

Marine 31's Wool Cutting Pad is made of 100% wool twisted into hundreds of individual strands. The tight twisting allows the pad to operate at a consistent level of aggressiveness for longer periods. With a 1.5 inch pile, the pad will hold up to many, many uses. The pad has a diameter of 7.5 inches but the thick pile gives it an overall diameter of 8 inches. The Wool Cutting Pad is intended for severe swirls, scratches and heavy oxidation. Because this is a more aggressive pad, you'll want a compound to get the best results.

A note about fluffing a wool pad: Wool pads are known to cake up but it's an easy fix. With the polisher turned off, lay it down on the ground with the pad facing up. Set the speed to the lowest setting and turn it on. Hold a pad spur against the pad as it turns. The pile will fluff up in just a few seconds. Your other option is to have 3 or 4 wool pads on hand so you can simply switch pads when one becomes caked. Use our 7.5 inch foam pads to refine and smooth the paint following compounding.

All of our 7.5 inch pads use the 6 inch rotary backing plate. Marine's 7.5 inch Hook & Loop Wool Pads work with any rotary polisher. The 100% wool pile and hook and loop backing ensure consistent, professional results every time you polish.

Wool Pad Features:
7.5" diameter
1.5" pile height
100% wool
Hook & loop backing

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